This year we're celebrating 20 years of Plum Films! We've met some of the most amazing and talented people over the years who have helped us create successful productions that we're proud of.
We were excited to work with Food Standards Scotland and Young Scot to produce a film highlighting the importance of young people being open about their food allergies. We rounded up a bunch of teens and asked them to relive their most embarrassing moments in front of the camera, and they really delivered...
Plum recently had a wonderful opportunity to create a promotional film for the opening of the Queensferry Crossing bridge. The stars of the show were undoubtedly the children of Bankton Primary School performing a song they penned especially about the iconic Queensferry Crossing. This performance deserved to be the showpiece of our film ‘Queensferry Crossing, Our Bridge’.
We've Just wrapped up post on a short film, created to launch Church of Scotland's new initiative ASCEND. Ascend brings together a range of services and opportunities for those in ministry, and at the heart of this new provision is a safe space that enables meaningful support and development.
As the extraordinary journey from developing to delivering series 2 of Teacup Travels draws to an end, we would like to focus a bit of attention on two people who have made an invaluable contribution to all this: our wonderful Creative Skillset production trainees Catrina Rose and Gabriel Costa. We hope they gained as much from the experience as we did from working with them! 
In series two, we meet Lokesh - Charlotte’s cousin. He is just as adventurous as Elliot and loves a visit to see his Great Aunt Lizzie. Join him on his adventures to ancient worlds where he meets brave Vikings and explores the vast Mayan jungles.
What a fabulous summer it’s been filming our epic tales of adventure with Charlotte and introducing a new character – her cousin, Lokesh. We’ve been shooting on location in Princes Street Gardens at Great Aunt Lizzie’s cottage and on set at Loretto School where our unique story world has been magically recreated.