Teacup Travels

2015-2016: 2 Series
Teacup Travels is Plum’s major BBC commission for CBeebies.

This live action drama fills a unique role in BBC children’s television as it opens the door on ancient civilisations and archeology to younger viewers. Plum Films are proud to have produced and delivered 45×15 minute episodes for BBC children’s channel, CBeebies, captivating our young audiences with fascinating stories.

Teacup Travels is suitable for ages 4 and upwards. Whenever Charlotte, Lokesh, or Elliot visit their Great Aunt Lizzie, there’s always going to be a story and a cup of tea. Each self-contained episode sees Great Aunt Lizzie tell a captivating tale inspired by one of her many unique teacups, each with a picture of an ancient artefact. From Ancient Greece, to Edo Japan and the Scandinavian fjords of the Viking Lands, there are plenty of adventures to explore.

Every object is inspired by a genuine museum artefact.

The lead role of Great Aunt Lizzie is played by BAFTA award winning, national treasure, Gemma Jones, who is also known for her roles in the Harry Potter films, Spooks, and Bridget Jones’ Diary.

The stylish and distinctive set was created by Oscar winner Leslie Dilley. Known for his role as Art Director on Star Wars and Indiana Jones.

John Gosler’s beautiful and vibrant backgrounds reinforce the distinctive style of the show, helping to capture the magic whilst pushing the boundaries of digital design, whilst the distinctive theme tune and score were performed by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, recorded live in the Czech capital.


Producers: Micky MacPherson, Simon Parsons
Directors: Simon Hynd, Morag McKinnonHead
Writer: Polly Churchill
Production Executive: Tina Foster
Directors of Photography: Malcolm McLean, Ryan Kernaghan
Production Designer: Leslie Dilley
Composers: Rasmus Borowski, Alexius Tschallener
Based on original idea by Anthony Bibby


Gemma Jones as Great Aunt Lizzie
Evie Brassington as Charlotte
Roderick Gilkison as Elliot
Kemaal Deen-Ellis as Lokesh