Roots & Fruits

2022-2024: 2 Series
Your ultimate 5 (minutes) a day.

Commissioned for BBC children’s channel, CBeebies, Roots & Fruits is your ultimate 5 (minutes) a day! Each episode cherry-picks a talented new guest star, from acrobatic Grapes, an operatic Banana, dancing Runner Beans and many more brilliant fruits and veggies who appear live on stage, in the Roots & Fruits theatre.

Join us for a delicious and nutritious spectacle with exclusive interviews from our natural born superstars! Discover amazing fun facts and experience unforgettable performances, live on stage in the Roots & Fruits theatre.

This pre-school animation is 47 x 5 minute episodes packed full of fun facts, loveable characters and unforgettable performances. Created to introduce a wide variety of fruit and veg to our preschool audience whilst helping to grow positive relationships between children and nutritious food.

The sensational musical variety show would not be complete without the magnificent, permanent cast – including the wonderful show host, Pak Choi, the ever-so-enthusiastic backstage correspondent, Kiwi, the best floor-manager in town, Chicory, loveable flyman, Coconut, talented house band, The Beets, and the show’s biggest supporter…Onion!

We were delighted to work with ‘Call The Midwife’s’ Laura Main as Pak Choi and family favourite Joe Pasquale as Coconut, alongside a host of other talented voice actors and a wonderfully creative crop of new and experienced production crew who all helped bring the fabulous world of Roots & Fruits to life on screen.


Co-Creators: Micky MacPherson, Bar Ben-Yossef
Executive Producer: Micky MacPherson
Head Writer: Bar Ben-Yossef
Producer: Tina Foster
Script Executive: Kay Benbow
Composers: Philip Curran, Eldad Guetta
Sound and Picture Post Producer: Edit 123
Animation Studio: Interference Pattern


Laura Main as Pak Choi
Joe Pasquale as Coconut
Daniel Stubbs-Benbow as Kiwi
Gavin Mitchell as Onion
Bex Wood as Chicory
Paul Tylak
Amalia Vitale
Hamish Wyllie

Sneaky Peek
Banana - Interview

Sneaky Peek
Peas - Performance