Arts The Catalyst: The Craigmillar Story

2004: Documentary
Saltire Award, best Scottish documentary at the Edinburgh Film Festival 2005.

Craigmillar: a deprived and much maligned public housing estate in East Edinburgh during the 1960s. A mother asks the local head teacher if her young son can learn to play the violin. When her request is refused, she sets about organising a community arts project, the seeds of which travel the world, winning international acclaim for using arts as the catalyst for social caring and social change. This is Craigmillar’s story.

The award-winning Arts the Catalyst was produced for the City Art Centre’s exhibition to explore and celebrate the role of the arts as a catalyst in the regeneration of socially excluded communities.


Director: Simon Hynd
Producer: Micky MacPherson
Director of Photography: Robbie McKillop
Editor: Marianne Kuopanportii


Helen Crummy
Andrew Crummy
Midge Lamb
Janet Howie
Heather Henderson
The people of Craigmillar


The Saltire Award for Best Scottish Documentary
Edinburgh Film Festival 2005


  • Edinburgh Film Festival – 2005