Senseless is a dark chiller written by Simon Hynd, based on the book of the same name by Stona Fitch. 

Elliott Gast, an American economist, is abducted in Europe by a shadowy anti-globalisation group.  Elliott spends forty days held hostage, each moment broadcast on the internet via dozens of cameras.  His captors inform him that his eventual release depends on donations made to their cause by the millions of people watching.  His mind racing, Elliott tries to understand why he is there, unearthing sins both small and large.  Over the course of his captivity Elliott is deprived of his senses, one by one.  His crime, his captors insist, demands justice.   

Senseless is a Plum Films and Matador Pictures production with Regent Capital, in association with Fine To Dream LLP and Circle of Confusion.


Writer / Director: Simon Hynd


Micky MacPherson

Nigel Thomas

Director of Photography: Trevor Brooker

Production Designer: Annette Gillies

Editor: Bill Gill



Jason Behr as Elliott Gast

Emma Catherwood as Nim

Joe Ferrara as Blackbeard