Meat the Campbells


Meat the Campbells is a dark, humorous and gruesome tale in which an invitation to dinner has never been so deadly.

When Mark hears the urban myth about the dietary habits of the new kid in school, the last thing he wants is to be invited round to dinner.  His worst fears are realised when he has to endure a three-course meal at the Campbell family residence.  Mark cannot decide what’s worse, not knowing what’s in the soup, or worrying that he could be the next course.

Produced by Plum Films’ Micky MacPherson, written by Michelle and Simon Hynd; Meat the Campbells was believed to have been the first production in Scotland shot entirely against green screen.


Director: Simon Hynd

Writers: Simon Hynd & Michelle Hynd

Producer: Micky MacPherson

Director of Photography: Trevor Brooker

Production Designer: Max Berman



Michelle Gomez as Mrs. Campbell

Derek Riddell as Mr. Campbell


Festivals & Awards:

From Nova Scotia to Switzerland, Palm Springs, South Korea, Sweden, Chicago, Australia, Buenos Aires and New York, among others.